Graphic Novel Review: The Vision Vol 1 and 2 by Tom King

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Here lies a vision. May god have mercy on its soul.Tom King

The Visions are what a normal American family looks like. There’s a hardworking dad, a strong mom who can do more than just run the house and take care of the kids and the two teenagers who complete this picture perfect family. If only it were that simple! This is not a superhero graphic novel. Don’t be fooled by the fact that its protagonist is The Vision. This is a book about family and what lengths we will go to protect them from the world.

To assert as truth that which has no meaning is the core mission of humanity.Vision

Vision, a synthezoid and a member of the Avengers, lives with the family he created for himself in Arlington, Virginia. His wife, Virginia and their two kids, Viv and Vin. They have a nice house with a kitchen then don’t really need. They live in a good neighborhood. Their kids go to school even though they don’t really need to. All in the pursuit of achieving freedom and a sense of purpose in the world of humanity. The Vision himself has struggled to not be like his creator, Ultron. An early discussion between Vision and Virginia shows the the amount of effort that the Vision has put do things differently than Ultron intended. To be more human.

The pursuit of an unobtainable purpose by absurd means is the way of freedom. This is my vision of the future. Our future.Vision

The graphic novel starts off with neighbors arriving at the Vision family house to introduce themselves. They bring cookies which of course the Visions don’t need. We get to see Viv and Vin being teenagers and showing off their powers to other kids. We see how the Vision goes to work at the White House and wonders if he’ll get a salary. When the kids go to school for the first time, we see Virginia cry and ask the Vision why they must leave. It’s mundane. The sheer normalcy of the events might make you believe you’re reading some version of Archie comics instead of the Vision.

This normalcy ends soon though. An old enemy of the Vision shows up at their quiet home and attacks them. Everything that follows in this story is directly a result of this attack. As events start unfolding, the family dynamic gets even more complex simply due to the fact that the Visions all have powers.

Tom King has done an excellent job here with the story. I really felt for the Visions. I wanted them to succeed as a family as I kept reading. The story invokes something in me where I want this to be a fair world. Everyone deserves happiness and that’s all the Vision is trying to do. Volume 2 is way darker than volume 1. We get some backstory on what went on between Vision and Wanda and the Avengers come into the picture as well. Personally, I felt the second volume strikes an excellent balance for the plot in the first volume. Vision really strikes me as far more human than he’d like to admit it. I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him things would be okay.

I am the Vision of the Avengers. I have saved this planet thirty seven times. Each day you live, each breath you take. Each beat of your heart. Each is due to my actions. Thirty seven times over.Vision

I really didn’t expect this graphic novel to be commentary on the values we have and how they affect our decisions when family comes into the picture. A peaceful and loving family is never more fragile than here in the Visions. This is an absolute must read. Don’t miss it.

The Vision